Why Work With Us?

Commitment, tenacity, professionalism and delivery are the cornerstones of our service.

So Why Work With Us?

When there are so many companies that you could choose to handle the sale of your business, why choose us? It’s a good question and one you shouldn’t be afraid of asking in view of the size and importance of the decision.

Here are some of the reasons we think we’re better qualified than anyone else to help you manage the full or partial transfer of your business:

We are passionate about your business:

Every company is different and therefore we do not subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our business model guarantees that our team, in conjunction with our Industry Champions, will commit significant time to fully understand your aspirations, business and sector. Ensuring that we find a compatible buyer who shares your corporate values and meets your price expectation.

We are forward thinking:

By using state of the art technology and cutting edge marketing and research techniques, we promise that no stone is left unturned in finding the right buyer for your company.

Relationship director:

Our directors don’t believe in acting as the face of the company and letting others do the legwork. Throughout your time with Camlee your direct point of contact will be a professionally qualified director who will provide first class help and advice from initial meeting through to sale.

International scope:

Camlee has worked hard over the years to establish tangible trading partnerships with merger and acquisition firms across the globe, who offer invaluable insight into buyer activity in their respective markets.

A wealth of experience:

Whether you want to sell your company, buy a company or even require development capital, Camlee’s experienced team will help determine the correct approach for you. From the outset we want to know what you want from the process, if it’s to maximise shareholder return or to simply maintain the lifestyle you’re used to, we’ll work hard to achieve this for you.

Small portfolio:

We provide a personal and customised service to typically no more than 30 clients a year, the complete opposite to the large brokerage/accountancy firms who can be working with 250-500 clients at any one time.

Industry Champions:

Our unique team of experienced sector specialists provide you with a topical view on buyer activity in your industry. Our directors and Industry Champions have personally bought and sold businesses meaning they are able to provide a valuable insight into how the process worked for them.

A history of success:

We don’t over promise and under deliver! Camlee is able to provide a rich history of successful deal completions, including numerous video testimonials from satisfied clients.

Our team will take the time to fully understand your personal and business objectives, so as to find a compatible buyer who shares your corporate values and meets your price expectation.

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