Test The Market

Is it the right time to sell?

Test the Market

If the sale of your business is something you have considered but you are still unsure due to the market environment, then Camlee can offer a 'test the market' service to allay any reservations you may have.

With this service we enable you to gauge the level of interest in your business through the creation of a tailored market research exercise.

The comprehensive UK and International focused research exercise ensures that a healthy range of companies are approached. Skilled researchers will make certain that prospective buyers receive an accurate reflection of both the historical and future financial performance of your business.

Key benefits of testing the market:

  • Highly confidential
  • High levels of interest in your business could mean now is the right time to sell
  • Low cost way of gauging buyer demand in your business
  • UK and International buyers targeted

If you decide that this is the best option for you, the service will include:

  • Preparation of an anonymous summary document to provide an overview of the opportunity
  • High levels of confidentiality maintained, ensuring your business is not compromised
  • Fielding and vetting of responses from buyers
  • The production of a market research report detailing the level of buyer activity and interest that exists in your sector

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