Comprehensive suite of business sale and corporate acquisition services.


Camlee has the ability and experience to offer the full range of business sale, acquisition and fund raising services to our clients. In order for us to determine the right strategy for you, we need to understand your personal and business objectives.


Typically this would include a confidential and exploratory discussion
structured as follows:


The process outlined to the right allows us to decide which of the below
services is right for you.

Understanding your personal and business aspirations

Financial, commercial and management analysis

Presenting business sale, acquisition and development capital options

Agree and action financial strategy

1. Business sale

For many owners, the objective is to sell their company outright. There are a number of reasons for this including retirement, financial aspirations, health concerns or the need to focus on other business interests. Your ultimate goal should be to get the most from the years spent growing and nurturing your company. Camlee understand this better than most given that a number of our directors and Industry Champions have personally been through the process of selling their companies and consequently are well placed to offer informed guidance and support.

2. Selling your business to your family or management team

Your preference may be to sell your business to your existing management team or family members who have helped build and shape it with you. Camlee is well versed in handling such transactions, guaranteeing an equitable deal for both parties.

3. Partial sale

A partial sale enables you to unlock capital from your company and reduce your exposure to risk, whilst still continuing to have an active role in the company. Camlee can adjust the sales process to include companies seeking joint ventures, mergers or minority interests.

4. Investment for growth

Do you need help smashing through the glass ceiling that you are currently facing? We can introduce development capital to take your company to the next stage of growth. Investment from Venture Capitalists, Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships both domestically and globally can provide industry specific expertise as well as monetary benefits.

5. Corporate acquisitions

An acquisition can provide the stimulus that your company needs to take it to its next stage of development. Whether it is an outright acquisition, merger or joint venture, the transaction needs to be carefully managed, both to protect your investment and to protect the stability of the company. We provide a fully managed service geared to achieving a significant return on investment and enabling you to focus on running your business.

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